Thanks to use of our services you will be able to make an extra profit from your vehicles.

We allow you to be efficient anywhere and anytime. Make your business more profitable thanks to better prices and higher load.

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Struggling with empty trucks? Let us give you more of your business.

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Grow your business

Be in touch with your driver

Payments via Shipvio

24/7 service

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Our mission

We identify every possible loss in logistics and find a way how to remove it.

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1. Find the right job for you

Find the best load just for your vehicle. Filter what you need, or tell us and we will notify you about new orders.

2. Bid your price

It's that easy. Just tell our customers your price and wait for confirmation.

3. Pickup the load

Pick up the load and hit the road. You can communicate with your customer via our app. We also share the truck GPS with your customer.

4. Deliver the load

When you deliver a load, just photo all documentation and confirm it. We will handle the rest. You will just send as an invoice and you'll get paid in 14 days. It's that easy.

This is our offer.
What are you waiting for?

No decrease in price due to the shipment’s reselling, no more time-consuming paper work and communication. And more options for carriers

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