One click to more loads and more profit

Get access to nearby loads and book it directly through the app.

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Shipper’s old way

Shipvio way

10 phone calls, 5 price quotes and 1 shipment carried-out

One-click shipment ordering

Only 1 of 9 price quotes ends in a shipment

Immediate acceptance of transport for specific prices

Minimum margin

A few times higher margin from each shipment

Nervous driver looking for a place of loading and warehouse worker waiting for the right vehicle

Complete information about each shipment

50 unread emails every single day regarding shipping documentation

Empty inbox and postbox

1. Find a job

Find a job for your trucks anytime, anywhere. Or tell us what kind of shipment you are interested in and we will distribute it to you.

2. Click and drive

Only one click is needed to get the shipment.

3. Load the goods

Once you have chosen your shipment, Shipvio will provide you with all the shipping information. You can assign the shipment to a specific driver and do not care about forwarding the information. Shipvio will do everything for you.

4. Deliver the shipment

You can communicate with the customer all the time via our app. After delivery, scan the delivery documents in Shipvio application. For your great job we will pay you within 48 hours :)

Expand your business

Simply assign your driver

Shipvio is your payment partner

24/7 support for you

Keep your trucks under control

100% free to use

Enter the new era of Zero Loss logistics

No increase in price due to resale, no more time consuming paperwork and communication. More options for your company.

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