Zero Loss Marketplace We utilize every truck on the road to make money for shippers and carriers.

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Shipvio makes it easier


Shipper upload shipment detail to our marketplace and sees all available vehicles on Shipvio GPS system


Multiple carriers can straight away offer their prices based on criteria provided by shipper


Shipper then chooses the one that suits him best based on price, speed and availability

Pick up

Carrier contacts the shipper and gets to agreed location to pick up the load and start his journey


After the goods is delivered, customer has access to all the shipment data and documents


Our goal is to optimize the capacities and use of transport, which will in the end gradually lead to a decrease in inefficiency. No more trucks that are half-empty!


Our app provides tools to better capacity management. It leads to less carbon dioxide in the air, better roads, less danger for drivers and in the end, to a healthy planet


Thanks to our competitive system the users will get the best value for their money plus transparency in the easy-to-use format for every mobile platform on the market


Managing logistics is the corner stone of every successful company. By using our transparent marketplace you will save your time and will work efficiently

Our mission

We identify every possible loss in logistics and find a way how to remove it

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Zero loss marketplace

We manage the logistics to remove inefficiency. How can we help you?

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