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Shipper may choose which price for the transportation suits him the best. Carrier decides which price is affordable for him to offer. ShipVio saves up to 25 % of your logistics expenses.

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You can rely on our users. Thanks to the mutual rating system, you can be sure that your transport and payment are going to be without any hassles.

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With us, you always know what is going on with your shipment and also, you can communicate directly with the driver at any time.


    We welcome simple and clear app by ShipVio, which helps MOSS to increase the occupancy of our vehicles. We have couple of dozens of vehicles sent to Europe every day and it’s our priority to be the most effective as possible. We are very happy to participate on the product development with ShipVio. Also, we believe that in the future, ShipVio will be significant source for new shipments.

    Eva Ondrůjová

    communications specialist MOSS logistics s.r.o.


    I have choosen ShipVio services mainly because of its transparency. After 20 years in logistics industry I‘ve finally got a tool which allows me effectively manage my shipments and also with lower costs. It’s a service of the next generation which gives benefits both sides of the logistics chain, if they’re willingness to change their habits. I did and I don’t have any regrets.

    Michael Rada

    IBCSD LAB s.r.o. – President and Project Father


    ShipVio helped us to solve an issue with shipping pallets across the Europe. Thanks to them we are able to reduce our costs as well as the time spent on it. We very appreciate an innovative approach of ShipVio which they‘re bringing to the logistics industry.

    David Háma

    managing director Plastkon product s.r.o.


    In order to be more effective I have chosen to work with ShipVio. It’s simple, quick and mainly, it works. Great idea with interesting potential.

    Jaroslav Sixta

    owner of logistic company

It’s fast

Thanks to our system the whole process takes minimum of your time. Your order will completed within 2 minutes.

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Offers are sorted via online auction. This saves time and money to both sides.


If you want to ship something, you will have it done in a few minutes no big deal. If you’re a carrier, you can use the spare capacity of your vehicle to increase its occupancy.

You can use ShipVio via desktop version or you can download our app for both iOS and Android.

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We are here for you. What are you waiting for?

No increase in price due to the shipment’s reselling, no more time consuming paper work and communication. More options for companies, more opportunities for carries.