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Stop losing money and time. Our algorithm can simplify everything.

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Shipper’s old way

Shipvio way

10 emails and 5 calls to get 1 shipment completed

One-click shipment order

4 people and 7 calls to find out the current shipment status

5 seconds to read a notification

4 cigarettes for stress before finding out the license plate and precise loading time

Everything available 24 hours before loading and leaving you enough time for a coffee

No overview on where my shipment is, when it was loaded/unloaded. Time lost on calls.

Full awareness about the current status and movement of the shipment in your telephone

Average blood pressure of a logistics employee is 140/90

140 to 90 is the average decrease in a logistics employee’s weight after our stress-free experience

1. Tell us what you need to transport

For regular shipments we have a template or directory for you. All details are immediately provided to the relevant carriers.

2. Wait for the quote

After confirming the form, Shipvio will immediately offer you a price.

3. The carrier picks up the goods

The carrier loads the goods on the agreed date. Thanks to Shipvio application, you can communicate with them all the time and have an overview of your shipment.

4. Delivered

Upon delivery, you will receive an instant notification and the carrier will scan all necessary documents with their phone. Shipvio automatically sends you an invoice for a pre-agreed amount.

GPS tracking of shipment

Quick order system

Full transparency

Direct communication with your carrier

Collaboration with colleagues across your entire team

One logistics partner for your shipment

Enter the new era of Zero Loss logistics

No increase in price due to resale, no more time consuming paperwork and communication. More options for your company.

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